Haven’t been feeling yourself lately?
Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?
Feeling alone, unsupported, misunderstood?
Are you ready to reconnect with your true self?

You have so much to give to the world.
Let your light shine.


Happy Life Discovery™

is a holistic life coaching program

whose goal is to help you discover your best self.


I am here to empower and inspire you on your journey of self-discovery, helping you realize and experience an authentically happy life.


What is life coaching?

Happy Life Discovery™ life coaching is based on The International Coach Federation’s definition of coaching, as follows:

“Coaching is an ongoing relationship, which focuses on clients taking action toward the realization of their visions, goals, or desires. Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build the client’s level of awareness and responsibility and provides the client with structure, support, and feedback. The coaching process helps clients both define and achieve professional and personal goals faster and with more ease than would be otherwise.”


Who I Help

I help young professionals, changemakers, yogis, and social entrepreneurs live the life they have always dreamed of having — one they deserve.

Helping you, so you can help save the world.

We need you.


How It Works

When you hire me, you will:

1) Achieve your personal & professional goals — Together, we create short-term and long-term goals during our first clarity session. Each week, we review these goals to ensure you’re accomplishing everything you hoped to achieve.

2) Maintain holistic health — Keeping your mind, body, and spirit healthy is vital to living a happy life. Holistic health is essential to optimal health and wellness. You will strengthen your mind, body, spirit connection, while keeping them all in balance.

3) Discover authentic happiness — Finding your best self through a process of self-discovery will help you find true peace and happiness.

The truth is everyone is different. We each experience life uniquely. For this reason, we will work together to create custom designed coaching packages, made specifically for you. There is no box to fit into, no one-size-fits-all approach. You have freedom here.

We will create short-term and long-term goals specifically catered to you, right from the beginning, and review and revise these goals as needed throughout the coaching process.

This experience will enrich your life and empower you to create the life you have always dreamed of. It would be my honor to help you, providing you support and tools to facilitate this process.

I offer a FREE 30 minute coaching session. If you believe you are ready to embark on your journey of self-discovery, I would love to join you.

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For years I’ve relied on Mila to be my ultimate life coach. She’s always provided me a safe space and sounding board to vent, to think out loud regarding complex life decisions, and to help me realize where I want to go and how to get there. Mila is truly gifted in helping you find your inner motivation and spark. Even when I’m at a ‘good place’ in life, I still check in with her to ensure I keep on keepin’ on!

Adela Poudratchi | International Development Specialist | Islamabad, Pakistan


My life is a new one, completely different.
Mila made me the best me possible.

I am not only grateful for having the opportunity to have met Mila, but thank heaven.
I had a most devastating breakup. I’d been with the man 5 years. He left without an explanation, not even a fight and I was devastated. I was seeing many counselors, trainees, hospital mental health, etc. and Mila. I really felt that no one completely understood or half understood as Mila does.

Mila is God/Universe/Heaven sent. She worked with me and changed me so much that I see, feel and think differently. In Mila I met an angel on earth. I am a way better person and wish I had met her sooner. All of the greatest changes in my life have occurred, because of her work with me.

Her work is almost done and Mila in her modesty says it was all my doing. I believe down deep in my core/marrow she planted the seeds, watched me grow (with pain), bloom and now give fruit of her hard work. I know that she worked with me and it worked. She gave her ideas and added love. I am lucky sooooo lucky I met her.

Mila I love you and I have shed tears because I know you were born to help people across the bridge to the other side to enjoy a happier life. I didn’t have coping skills as I do now.

How do I end this letter when the list I am grateful for is so long? The greatest gift you have given me is YOU, your time.

Thank you.

Leslie Jaramillo | Patient Care Coordinator, Plastic Surgery | Beverly Hills, CA


Mila has been such a huge help in my life. At age 21 I moved across the world and since then I have struggled trying to find out who I am and who I want to be. Mila has talked me through relationship issues and guided me in times of stress. She has also assisted me in defining my career goals and how to approach them. Mila has been invaluable to me this past year and I look forward to another year of figuring it all out with her.

Donna Stewart | Marketing Coordinator | Los Angeles, CA


Mila is like a mirror, she has helped me see myself more clearly so that I can be the best version of myself. Her generous compassion and insight have allowed me to understand my current situation. This has given me the courage to follow my heart’s deepest desires and to create a plan to make my dreams come true. I am in the middle of making a huge life transition, and with Mila’s encouragement and coaching it is going more smoothly than I could ever imagine.

Ian Roberts* | Certified Public Accountant | Los Angeles, CA


Mila’s soul is genuine and pure. Her guidance is delivered without judgement, instead filled with sincerity. Her spirituality is deep rooted and well-researched, which sets the stage for truly valid and well centered support.

Vincenza Shihada | Regional Marketing Director | Palm Beach County, FL

*Names have been changed to help preserve anonymity.


I offer a FREE 30 minute coaching session. If you believe you are ready to embark on your journey of self-discovery, I would love to join you.

Click here to schedule your FREE exploratory coaching session now.